(A seiche (pronounced /ˈseɪʃ/ "saysh") is a standing wave in an enclosed or partially enclosed body of water.)


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Seiche Entertainment has produced music videos, dramatic narratives, documentaries, short films and corporate image pieces as well as educational films.

    Founded in 1992, we have expertise in Cinematography, Producing, Event Staging and Post Production. We have deep connections in the Chicago production community and a broad range of personnel we can draw upon to bring your project to completion.

    We have extensive experience with 16mm, 35mm, Standard Def video and we’ve been shooting HD video since 1995.

    Fully insured, with accounts at most major rental facilities near us,  If we don't have what you need, we can get it.

    Seiche Entertainment was founded as a production company for not only commercial production, but also documentaries dedicated to telling stories that were not in the normal “commercial” realm. We, the owners, believe in the voices of the many and the democratization of media production to better understand our world and the people in it.

    The events and the lives of the people who create history are often obscured by quick judgment and the rush of information.

    We feel it is important to stop and examine what makes us tick, how the world deals with adversity and why these events either become important or become a side show to recorded history.

    If you have an idea for a documentary, call us! We'll handle it from scripting through post production.

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